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 Jul 20, 1905 - The Saskatchewan Act, creating the new Province of Saskatchewan, received royal assent.



Cabri Cadbury, George Woodall (1907-95) Cadets Calder, James Alexander (1868-1956) Calder, James Franklin Archibald (1913-88) Calder, Robert L. (1941-) Caldwell, Jessie (1901-90) Call Centres Calvert, Lorne Albert (1952-) Cameco Corporation Cameron, Alexander C. (1907-96) Cameron, Dan (1880-1963) Cameron, Earl (1915-2005) Cameron, Elizabeth (1875-1959) Camp Dundurn Campbell, Angus (1917-2002) Campbell, Constantine (1934-) Campbell, Donald (1919-2001) Campbell, Maria (1940-) Campbell, Milton Neil (1881-1965) Campion College, University of Regina Campus Saskatchewan Canadian Actors' Equity Association Canadian Artists Representation / Front Des Artistes Canadiens (CARFAC) Saskatchewan Canadian Auto Workers (CAW / TCA) Canadian Bible College / Canadian Theological Seminary Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) Canadian Girls in Training Canadian Grain Commission Canadian Light Source Canadian National Railway Canadian Navy Canadian Pacific Railway Canadian Paperworkers Union Local 1120 Canadian Parents for French Canadian Plains Research Center Canadian Union of Postal Workers Canadian Union of Public Employees Canadian Union of Public Employees Hospital Strike Canadian Wheat Board Canadian Women's Army Corps Canaryseed Candle Lake Cannington Manor Canoe Lake First Nation Canoeing Canoes Canola Canora Capeling-Alakija, Sharon (1944- 2003) Capital City, Selection of Carbon Dioxide Storage Cargill Limited Carlton Trail Carlton Trail Railway Carlyle Carnduff Carnivores Carpenter, David (1941-) Carr, Denny (1939-99) Carrier, Lorne (1959-) Carrot River Carry the Kettle First Nation Carson, Nellie (1900-49) Carter, Mary Yvonne (1923-2010) Carter, Roger C. (1922-2009) Catherwood, Ethel (1908-87) Catholic Health Care Catholic Ministry to First Nations People Catholic Shrines and Pilgrimages Catholic Women's League (CWL) of Canada Cenaiko, Frederick T. (1926-) Cennon, J.J. (1922-) Central Butte Central Pentecostal College Centre for Community Studies Centre for Continuing Education, University of Regina Centre for Studies in Agriculture, Law and the Environment (CSALE) Centre for the Study of Co-operatives Ceylon Chabot, Irène (1930-) Chacachas First Nation Chakastapaysin First Nation Chan, Ernest C.F. (1909-90) Chartier, Clément (1946-) Chase, Lillian (ca. 1894-1987) Chautauqua Cherry, Evelyn Spice (1906-90) Chickadees Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan Child-care and Preschool Co-operatives Children Chilean Community Chimney Swift Chinese Community Chinese Labour in Moose Jaw Chiropractors' Association Choiceland Choirs Christensen, David A. (1936-) Christian and Missionary Alliance Church Christian Reformed Church in North America Chronic Pain Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church of the Nazarene Churchbridge Churchill River Churchill Route Cicansky, Vic (1935-) Cinemas, Independent Cipywnyk, Dmytro (1927-2003) Citizens Concerned About Free Trade (CCAFT) Civil Service Clarke, Bill (1932-2000) Claude Resources Claxton, Dana (1959-) Claybank Claybank Brick Plant Clearwater River Clearwater River Dene Band Cleveland, Reggie (1948-) Climate Climate Change: The Future Climate Change: The Past Cline, Eric (1955-) Clun, Yee Coal Coat of Arms Cochin Cochin-Green Lake Trail Cocking, Matthew (1743-99) Cocks, William E. (1877-1961) Cogema Resources Inc. Cohen, Saul (1921-2008) Cold Lake (Primrose Lake) Air Weapons Range, 4 Wing Coldwell, Major James (1888-1974) Collège Mathieu de Gravelbourg College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan Collingwood, Arthur (1880-1952) Collver, Richard Lee (1936-) Colonsay Commonwealth, The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada Communities of Saskatchewan Community and Regional Colleges Community Clinics Community Development Co-operatives Community Economic Development Community Pastures Community Schools Community Service Co-operatives Community Social Services Community Support for People with Intellectual Disabilities Competitive Games Complementary / Alternative Medicine Computer-generated Plant Animation Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists) Conservation Conservation Agencies Conservation Areas Conservative Party of Canada Conservative Party of Saskatchewan Consumer and Doctor-sponsored Medical Care Associations Contraceptive Patch Cooper (Hunt), Marjorie (1902-84) Co-operative College of Canada Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) Co-operative Fisheries Limited Co-operative Organizations, Legislation Relating to Co-operative Trust Company of Canada Co-operatives Co-operatives, Agricultural and Resource-based Co-operatives, Financial Co-operatives, Northern Co-operatives, Other Co-operators Life Insurance Cordis, Leora L. (1929-2000) Core Curriculum Core French Education in Saskatchewan Corman, John Wesley “Jack” (1884- 1969) Cormorants Coronach Corps of Commissionaires Corrections Cote First Nation Cote-Lerat, Margaret (1950-) Councils of Women Coupland, Robert Thomas (1920- 2002) Covington, Arthur Edwin (1913- 2001) Cowessess First Nation Cowley, Elwood Lorrie (1944-) Cowley, Reta (1910-2004) Craig, Albert M. Craik Cranes Crawford, Roy Douglas (1933-) Credit Union Electronic Transaction Services Cree Cree Cosmology Cree Lake Cree Religious Ethos Creighton Croatian and Serbian Settlements Crofford, Joanne Sharon (1947-) Crop Development Centre Crop Pests Cross, John Valentine (1940-) Crow Family Crowe, Roland (1943-) Crown Corporations Crown Corporations, Legislative History of Crown Corporations and Publicly Owned Enterprises Crow's Nest Pass Agreement Crozier, Leif Newry Fitzroy (1846- 1901) Crozier, Lorna (1948-) Cruickshank, Elizabeth (1895-1989) Cuckoo, Black-billed Cudworth Culliton, Edward Milton (1906-91) Cumberland House Cumberland House First Nation Cummings, Nora (1938-) Cupar Curling Currie, Balfour Watson (1902-81) Currie, Gordon (1923-) Currie, Robert (1937-) Cut Knife Cut Knife Hill, Battle of Cuthand, Beth (1949-) Cypress Hills Cypress Hills Massacre Czech and Slovak Settlements
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