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Canadian Plains Research Center

Official opening of the Canadian Plains Research Center, February 5, 1974. Left to right: Hon. R.L. Hanbidge, former Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan; Dr. W. Don Stewart, CPRC's first director; Dr. J.W, Spinks, President of the University of Saskatchewan; and Dr. J. Archer, Principal, University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus.
University of Regina Archives and Special Collections 80-8-6

CPRC is the longest serving research institute at the University of Regina with a broad mandate to develop an understanding and appreciation of the Canadian Plains region. The Center also co-operates with United States scholars on issues relevant to the broader North American Great Plains.

CPRC works to develop a community of students of the region, including staff from prairie universities, governments, and other institutions, and members of an interested public. It provides services to prairie institutions and researchers to study and help solve problems of the region, its people, and its resources. CPRC has a role to initiate, undertake, encourage, and support research and scholarly work on all aspects of prairie life.

It delivers four specific programs. The Canadian Plains Studies Program is a graduate student program facilitating interdisciplinary studies of masters and doctoral students on topics relevant to the Canadian Plains. Over 35 students have been supported through the program. CPRC's Research Fellow Program, established in 1983, has provided support to over 40 scholars conducting studies relevant to the Canadian Plains. CPRC's Publication Division is a university press established in 1973 and publishes about eight to ten scholarly books per year, with a total of over 130 titles. The Press also publishes Prairie Forum, a multidisciplinary journal on topics of relevance to the Canadian Plains region. CPRC's Geographic Information Systems Division is a grouping of research and technical staff and facilities supporting Education and research in the spatial distribution of resources, both physical and cultural.

As part of its original and continuing education and community outreach mandate, CPRC also organizes, facilitates or partners with other organizations in delivering numerous conferences, symposia, workshops, lectures, meetings and seminars. CPRC also administers the Woodrow Lloyd Occasional Seminar Series in which leading scholars present on topics relevant to the Canadian Plains as well as a Trust Fund dedicated to advancing communication and education about Conservation issues in Saskatchewan.

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