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Coat of Arms

Saskatchewan's Coat of Arms.
Saskatchewan Provincial Secretary

In 1986 Queen Elizabeth II granted a Royal Warrant augmenting into a full coat of arms the Saskatchewan shield of arms granted by King Edward VII in 1906, which displays a red lion on a horizontal gold band and three gold wheat sheaves on a green background. The crest above the shield displays the golden helmet of sovereignty, signifying Saskatchewan’s co-sovereign status as a province in Confederation; and a beaver, Canada’s national animal, holding a western red lily, the province’s floral emblem. The Crown represents the link with the Sovereign through the Lieutenant-Governor. The wreath and mantling surrounding the helmet are in Canada’s national colours, red and white. On either side of the shield are a royal lion and a white-tailed deer, the provincial animal emblem of Saskatchewan, wearing collars of prairie Indian beadwork and badges in the form of the stylized lily of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. The badge on the lion displays Canada’s emblem, the maple leaf, while that on the deer displays the western red lily. The base is formed of western red lilies and features the province’s motto, Multis E Gentibus Vires, Latin for “From Many Peoples Strength,” which expresses the ethnic diversity of Saskatchewan’s population.

Michael Jackson

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