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Corman, John Wesley “Jack” (1884- 1969)

John Corman.
Saskatchewan Archives Board R-A3410

Jack Corman was born on a farm at Stoney Creek, Ontario, on August 2, 1884. In 1912 he graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA in Political Science. He moved west that year to pursue legal studies, articling in Moose Jaw and was called to the Bar in 1915. For the next twenty years he built his legal practice and was active in the Liberal Party. In 1937 he was one of five aldermen elected as part of a Civic Progressive Association slate. Corman ran as a Social Credit candidate in the 1938 provincial election but lost. In 1939 Corman was elected mayor of Moose Jaw and served for four and a half years. Corman agreed to run for the CCF in 1944 with the promise of a Cabinet post and legislation to reduce municipal debt. Corman was sworn in as Attorney General in the first Douglas Cabinet. Highlights of Corman's tenure included the Farm Security Act in 1944 and the Saskatchewan Bill of Rights in 1947. Corman was well known for his political radio broadcasts between 1946 and 1950. He was twice re-elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature and he remained Attorney General until he retired in 1956. He died in Moose Jaw on April 29, 1969.

Robert Allan

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