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Communities of Saskatchewan

Communities listed in the Saskatchewan Municipal Directory include cities, towns, villages, resort villages, organized hamlets, northern towns, northern villages, northern hamlets, northern settlements, and one municipal district. Those listed in the table on the following six pages appear in the on-line directory as of May 9, 2005. Additionally, non-organized hamlets have been included in the table if they serve as the administrative centre of a rural municipality. An asterisk at the end of the community name indicates there is an entry on the place in the encyclopedia. The location column indicates a community’s position within either a rural municipality (e.g. Argyle No. 1), a Municipal District (e.g. District of Katepwa), or the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District (NSAD). Not listed on the table are other types of Saskatchewan communities such as First Nations reserve centres, Hutterite colonies, and former Doukhobor villages, which are addressed separately within the body of the encyclopedia. Population figures (unless otherwise stated) are from the 2001 Census of Canada. Population figures for resort villages, organized hamlets that are resort areas, and the communities that comprise the District of Katepwa are based upon the number of permanent year-round residents. The population of these areas, however, can fluctuate greatly depending on the season. The former resort villages of Katepwa Beach, Katepwa South, and Sandy Beach are listed in the table since their names are familiar, although all three were dissolved on July 24, 2004, and together were reincorporated as the District of Katepwa.

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