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Steuart, David Gordon (1916-2010)

David Steuart.
Saskatchewan Archives Board R-A8362, © M.West, Regina, West's Studio Collection

“Davey” Steuart was born in Regina on January 26, 1916 but his family eventually moved to Prince Albert. In 1951 he was elected to city council in Prince Albert and served for almost a decade. He served two terms as mayor of Prince Albert and was elected president of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association. In 1958 Steuart, as a member of the Liberal Party executive, was instrumental in Ross Thatcher’s successful bid for leadership. Steuart was elected party president at the same convention in 1959. He ran unsuccessfully for the Saskatchewan Legislature in 1960, but was elected two years later in a by-election in Prince Albert. Steuart was re-elected and the Liberal Party formed the government in 1964. He was appointed Minister of Health with responsibility for implementing the government’s user fees program. He went on to be Minister of Natural Resources, and was appointed Deputy Premier in 1965. In 1967 Thatcher gave up the Finance ministry to his deputy. His budgets have been blamed for the Liberals’ defeat in 1971. Steuart was re-elected and sat in opposition. Shortly after the election Ross Thatcher died of a heart attack. Steuart became interim leader and won the leadership in December 1971. After four years as opposition leader, the Liberals did poorly in the 1975 election and Steuart resigned two days later. Ted Malone was elected leader at the 1976 leadership convention. Steuart was appointed to the Senate that December and served for fifteen years until his retirement in 1991. He died at his home in Kelowna, British Columbia, in November 2010.

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