White City

Town, pop 1,013, located 12 km E of Regina on Hwy 1. It is a bedroom community largely populated by urban professionals escaping the high property taxes of Regina. The community’s origins date to the late 1950s, when farmland east of Regina was expropriated for the construction of the TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY. The landowner chose to subdivide the rest, and White City had its beginnings. The population was 80 in 1966, 340 in 1976, 783 in 1986, and 907 in 1996. The community is known for its large homes situated on sizeable lots, which, on average, measure 140 x 200 ft. Although many residents work in Regina, White City has a large manufacturer of steel products, a number of home-based businesses, and a K–8 school. White City and an adjacent residential development, Emerald Park, share golf courses and an array of other recreational facilities.


David McLennan