Wavecom Electronics

WaveCom Electronics (now known as VCom) is a Saskatoon-based designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art cable television (CATV) and wireless telecom products. WaveCom was established in 1988 by current chairman and chief executive officer Dr. Surinder Kumar, a former professor of electrical engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. Innovative research and development has kept WaveCom on the cutting edge of four key areas in the technology sector: digital video, broadband wireless, advanced analog, and data-over-cable. WaveCom has a manufacturing plant and a high-volume production facility in Saskatoon, as well as research facilities in both Saskatoon and Victoria, BC. Since its inception in 1988, WaveCom has seen remarkable growth, currently employing 290 people in its Saskatoon and Victoria facilities, and generating annual revenues of roughly $30 million from customers worldwide.

Iain Stewart

Further Reading

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