Wat Buddhadhamma

Wat Buddhadhamma is a Theravadin (Thai and Laotian) temple that has served the Theravadin Buddhist community of Regina for twelve years. The primary language for religious services is Laotian; prayers and chants are recited in Pali. There is a small library with some Buddhist texts that are mainly in Pali; the comments on the texts by Buddhist masters are in Laotian, with some in English. The temple is the main religious centre of the community, and the Buddha's image and the resident monk are the focus of the worship. Followers show their respect by holding their hands joined over their heads, at their chests, and on the floor three times; the same procedure is used to salute the monk who sits at the side of the altar. Homemade food is offered in a basket placed on the altar. The service involves communal prayer and chanting, and lasts about an hour. During the major ceremony, lunch is served: homemade food is offered first to the Buddha and the monk, then to the congregation. Theravadin Buddhists are not vegetarians, but they do not involve themselves in the slaughter of animals. They are always careful to offer some food to the spirits of the temple in order to obtain protection from them.

Yuan Ren