Town, pop 354, located 24 km NW of Moosomin on Hwy 1. The townsite was developed in 1882 when the CPR was being built through the area. In the following couple of years, a substantial settlement of former Scottish crofters developed over a broad district to the south. The Scots would be joined by English neighbours in 1884, and between 1886 and 1907 about 50 Jewish families, largely from southern Russia, settled on homesteads to the north. Canada’s famous Bronfman family got its start on a homestead in the Wapella area in 1889. By 1911, Wapella’s population was nearing 500. Mixed farming has long been the area’s major industry; today’s agricultural production consists of livestock and grain, along with some specialty crops. However, the discovery of oil in the region in 1952 has slowly but steadily added diversity and stability to the district economy. Wapella has a small core of local businesses, services, and recreational facilities. A museum is located in the community’s former Anglican Church, and the town has several service clubs and community organizations.

David McLennan