Stomp Pork Farm Ltd.

Founded in 1985, Stomp Pork Farm Ltd., a privately owned company, now markets 600,000 hogs annually worth $90 million. Ivan and Sharon Stomp own and operate the business from their head office located about 40 km southeast of Humboldt. In 2001, Stomp Pork Farm Ltd. was devastated by a fire in which 14,000 pigs were killed and several wooden barns were destroyed. Instead of giving up, however, the company teamed up with the Leroy Agra-Pork Co-op Ltd., a new generation co-operative formed in the area, to establish a $40-million production system. Stomp built a 5,500 sow farrow-to-early-wean operation as well as a 20,000 head nursery project. Leroy Agra-Pork erected four 10,000 head finisher sites. In addition to the hog expansion, Stomp also constructed a world-class feed manufacturing facility that will add value to an estimated three million bushels of locally grown grain each year. The hog facility, the first new generation pork production co-op in western Canada, ships product throughout the prairie provinces and the northern tier of the United States. In 2004, Sterling Pork Farm Ltd., an affiliate of Stomp Pork Farm Ltd., bought all of the assets owned by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and its subsidiary operation, Heartland Pork, for the production of hogs. The transaction completed the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool's exit from the hog industry, expanded Stomp's facilities to sixteen locations in the province and strengthened its market share.

Joe Ralko