Staseson, Gordon (1926-)

Born in Regina on May 9, 1926, Gordon Staseson has shown dedicated leadership in support of several sporting, economic, and civic organizations and initiatives. An avid sportsman, Staseson was a talented junior hockey player and minor league coach, but his most notable contributions to athletics came as an administrator. He served as president of the Saskatchewan Roughriders from 1979 to 1982 and chairman of the CFL Board of Governors in 1983 and the Canadian Figure Skating Championships in 1984. Committed to the advancement of his community, Staseson played an instrumental role in the building of the Regina Agridome, the Canada Centre, and the Queensbury Centre. For his tireless promotion of Regina and the province, he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Regina in 1989 along with many other awards. Gordon Staseson was awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit in 2004, and became a Member of the Order of Canada in 2005.

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