Species at Risk

Table SAR-1. Saskatchewan Species at Risk
Canadian Plains Research Center
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Burrowing Owl.
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In 1999, fifteen species were formally identified in The Wildlife Act as being at risk of extinction in Saskatchewan (see Table SAR-1). This formal designation protects six birds, three mammals, and six plant species from being disturbed, collected, harvested, captured, killed and exported. Formal listing is pending for another thirty-two species. Species listed under Saskatchewan’s Wildlife Act undergo an extensive scientific and public review process; they are prioritized using the ranks provided by the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre. Through standardized methods, CDCs throughout North America assign conservation ranks to species. Once a species is identified as a candidate for formal listing, a detailed status report is written based on the species’ biology, changes in population size, distribution, and potential threats to the species or its habitat. An independent committee of Saskatchewan scientists, the Scientific Working Group (SWG), reviews the status report and recommends a status designation. Public concerns are addressed in the review process through consultation with the Endangered Species Advisory Committee (ESAC). ESAC is comprised of twelve stakeholder groups that provide feedback and advice to the government regarding status designation, conservation, and recovery of species at risk. To ensure continuity with other jurisdictions, Saskatchewan uses the same ranking criteria and definitions as the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), which assesses the national status of Canadian species. Species identified as at risk by COSEWIC are put forth to the federal government and may be listed under the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA).

Jeanette Pepper