Shri Lakshami Narayana Temple

Shri Lakshami Narayana Temple in Saskatoon was formally inaugurated on March 31, 1985. At the time it was the first and only Hindu temple west of Toronto and east of Vancouver that was built in accordance with the Hindu architectural style.

It was in the early 1960s that a few members of the Hindu community made Saskatoon their home. Soon the need for a Temple was felt. In 1974, a Hindu Temple Fund was established. The somewhat loose organizational structure of the early Hindu community was given a formal shape with the incorporation of Vedanta Society of Saskatchewan on June 20, 1977. In the year 1981 an old church was acquired to house the first self-standing Hindu temple in Saskatoon. Subsequently, the modern temple was built in accordance with authentic Hindu architectural principle; to meet the needs of a growing community, it was expanded during 2002–03. In addition to providing a place of worship, marriages have been performed and special prayer meetings have been organized at times of sorrow. Music and Yoga classes as well as language classes in Hindi and Gujarati have been organized for both children and adults. Many special religious festivals are celebrated regularly. The temple also plays an important role in meeting diverse needs of the community by organizing spiritual discourses, meditation sessions, workshops and seminars, and events for youth groups, and regularly invites holy men and well-known scholars to impart their wisdom and knowledge to benefit the community at large. It has been actively involved in organizing and sponsoring many multi-faith and charitable activities for which the Saskatoon Hindu community is well recognized. At the Annual Vegetarian Banquet of the Temple held on March 7, 2002, the trustees of the Temple announced a donation to the University of Saskatchewan for the establishment of the Vedanta Endowment Lecture Fund.

Braj Sinha