Shiloh Assembly Church

Shiloh Assembly Church (Apostolic) is an affiliated group of the Pentecostal denomination. The Church started meeting in home Bible classes in 1979, with five founding members. After two years, the group purchased a small building in Regina, where public worship began on a weekly basis. The group works with other denominations: Bethlehem Apostolic Church (Edmonton), Showers of Blessing (Calgary), Bethlehem Apostolic (Toronto), and United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic (Fort Lauderdale, Florida). Shiloh works with people of many cultures; it has supported missionaries in Indonesia, Mexico, Jamaica, and sent Bibles to Russia. It also sponsors children through World Vision, and provides support to local evangelists in other parts of the world as needed. Shiloh Assembly believes in the traditional formulation of the Nicene Creed.

Zechariah S. Taylor