Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation was formed in 1929 by a group of sportsmen concerned about game populations; their goal was to manage wildlife through seasons and bag limits. At the request of the Federation, the provincial government created the Fish and Wildlife Development Fund in 1970. A portion of each hunting and fishing license went into the fund for the purpose of habitat acquisition and enhancement; the fund has acquired some 200,000 acres of prime habitat over the years. The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation also holds title to 60,000 acres of wildlife habitat land through its Habitat Trust program. Volunteer landowner stewardship programs, such as the Wildlife Tomorrow program, have been in operation since 1974. Firearms safety and hunter education training for first-time hunters have been conducted by Federation members for over forty years. Conservation schools, youth camps and other outdoor education programs have also been a priority for the Federation for many years. The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation participates on many government committees and task forces and works with other organizations to promote the wise use, management and conservation of Saskatchewan's natural resources. Sustainable forestry, fisheries enhancement, and fish and wildlife management are just a few of the areas to which the Federation directs its attention and expertise. The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation membership has reached a high of 34,000 in 130 branches throughout the province. The Federation's mission is to ensure a wildlife legacy that surpasses that which has been inherited.

Lorne Scott