Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA)

The SMA, a division of the Canadian Medical Association, was organized in August 1905. It dissolved in September 1936 because of the costs of running two professional organizations during the Depression. The functions of the SMA were then transferred to the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

To lighten the workload of the College, the SMA was reconstituted under it in 1967. In 1972, a legislative amendment stopped the College from collecting dues on behalf of the SMA because of the perception that licensing physicians, while also representing their economic interests, constituted a conflict of interest for the College. Consequently, the SMA legally incorporated as a separate entity.

Membership in the SMA has been voluntary, but in 1986 legislation was adopted to allow the SMA to check off dues for non-member fee-for-service physicians. In 1996 this concept was expanded further by allowing the collection of dues from non-members working under contract and salaried arrangements.

The mission of the SMA is to advance the educational, professional and economic welfare of Saskatchewan physicians; to advance the honour and integrity of the profession; and to promote quality health practices and services within a quality health care system.

E.H. Baergen