Saskatchewan Land Surveyors' Association (SLSA)

The SLSA is an organization of Saskatchewan land surveyors and professional surveyors who are registered to practice in accordance with the provisions of the Land Surveyors and Professional Surveyors Act. This self-governing professional organization was originally established in 1910 and has been entrusted with the stewardship and standards of the survey profession, with responsibility for the establishment, re-establishment and maintenance of the network of survey monuments that serve as the basis for the system of land registration and ownership in the province. The objectives of the Association are to ensure the proficiency of its members; to regulate its members in the practices of professional land surveying and professional surveying; and to govern its members in accordance with the Act, the by-laws, and all other applicable acts or regulations. Professional land surveying is sometimes referred to as legal or boundary surveying, while professional surveying involves other types of surveying such as construction, topographic, photogrammetric, hydrographic and geodetic, as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As of 2004, there were eighty-one fully licensed Saskatchewan land surveyors, of whom seven were life members and forty-six were also registered as professional surveyors.

Carl Shiels