Saskatchewan Home Builders' Association

The Saskatchewan Home Builders' Association (SHBA), the voice of the Saskatchewan residential construction industry, has represented its members for over sixty years. The SHBA is the provincial level of the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA), a national non-profit organization. The CHBA is organized at three levels - locally, provincially and nationally - and members of local Home Builders' Associations are also members at the provincial and national levels. All three levels of the CHBA work together to serve members by keeping them informed, involved and prepared for current business challenges. Members also work in the community with charitable organizations, and help build and rebuild communities. The SHBA represents 325 residential construction industry members, of which fifty-five are new home builders and eight are renovators. Other members represent various areas of the housing industry, such as land developers, trade contractors, product and material manufacturers, building product suppliers, lending institutions, insurance providers, and service professionals. On average, SHBA members build over 1,000 new homes each year, which represents over 72% of all new homes built in the Regina and Saskatoon regions. Since the mid-1950s, residential construction values have averaged 47% of the total construction value in the province, with the balance coming from commercial and institutional construction. Since its inception, the SHBA has worked to protect the affordability of new homes and to reduce the amount of legislation imposed on the industry. It has also worked closely with all levels of government on such topics as human resource development and taxation. SHBA is committed to developing a professional industry with builder members who are required to protect consumers through independent warranty programs and an Association code of ethics.

Alicia McGregor, Ken McKinlay