Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF)

On January 31, 2003, The Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Act created SHRF to organize, manage, and allocate most Saskatchewan government health research funding. SHRF’s mandate is to encourage and facilitate health research, assist the Minister of Health with a provincial health research strategy, pursue additional resources for advancing health research, and inform the public and health professionals about research results and benefits. SHRF builds on the legacy of two previous organizations, the Saskatchewan Health Research Board (1979–92) and the Health Services Utilization and Research Commission (1992–2003). Located in Saskatoon, SHRF works closely with the province’s universities, health sector, and community organizations to achieve its vision: Building a Healthy Saskatchewan through Health Research. Its board includes leading health researchers, government representatives, and private-sector individuals. Dr. Elizabeth Harrison is the first board chair, and June Bold is the first CEO. SHRF defines health research broadly to include basic “bench” science, clinical investigations, health services and policy research, and research into the determinants of population health. Research funding is allocated through grant competitions, with excellence and relevance as critical deciding factors.

June Bold