Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI)

. Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has been providing a variety of insurance products to Saskatchewan residents for more than 50 years. The former Saskatchewan Government Insurance Office (SGIO) was established in 1945 to ensure that affordable, good quality insurance would be available to Saskatchewan people. The move was prompted by poor provincial economic conditions which, driving many private insurers out of the market, made it difficult for some residents to obtain insurance. Over time, SGI has evolved into three distinct operations: SGI CANADA, SGI CANADA Insurance Services Ltd. (SCISL), and the Saskatchewan Auto Fund. SGI, under the trade name SGI CANADA, conducts a competitive property and casualty insurance business offering a comprehensive line of home, tenant, farm, automobile extension and commercial coverage. SCISL, a subsidiary of SGI CANADA, sells similar insurance products in Manitoba (except for automobile insurance), Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. SGI also acts as the administrator of the Saskatchewan Auto Fund, the province's compulsory auto insurance program. The Auto Fund is a not-for-profit operation which does not receive money from, or pay dividends to, the province.

Karen Schmidt