Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials

The Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials (SASBO) became an official organization in 1945, created by provincial statute. The most recent Saskatchewan School Business Officials Act (1981) was revised in June 2004 to provide the Association with a clear mandate of self-governance over the membership. Membership includes all school business officials who are certified Secretary Treasurers and Superintendents of Administration actively employed by Boards of Education. Membership in SASBO is mandatory as a condition of employment as a School Business Official. The Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials Act (2004) provides for certified Assistant School Business Officials to become associate members of the Association.

The School Business Official for a Board of Education is the general business administrator and serves as the chief financial officer, as well as being expected to serve both the financial and business administration of the school division. School Business Officials must have at least two years of post-secondary education in the administrative and financial field as well as two years of related work experience, or hold a Bachelor of Administration or Bachelor of Commerce degree from a recognized university, or a similar degree acceptable to the Board of Education. The Association identifies and responds to the changing needs of the profession and its members. It provides for the professional level of its members by initiating and sustaining an educational program of workshops, seminars, conferences, and meetings that is meaningful to all involved in school business management. The Association continues to update and change policies within the membership's manual and handbook as needed in the changing profession. The Association continues to participate in providing quality K-12 education, which is dependent upon the co-operative action of educators, school business officials, and other educational stakeholders.

G. Paul Baskey