Prairie Conservation Action Plan

Saskatchewan's Prairie Conservation Action Plan (PCAP) complements similar provincial prairie conservation efforts in Alberta and Manitoba. It builds upon the first PCAP put forward for the three prairie provinces by World Wildlife Fund Canada in 1989, and the first Saskatchewan PCAP that was launched in 1998. In 2003 PCAP Partners renewed and updated this Action Plan to conserve native prairie. The PCAP vision is that the native prairie be sustained in a healthy state in which natural and human values are respected. The five goals of the PCAP are: to sustain a healthy native prairie grazing resource; to conserve the remaining prairie resource; to maintain native prairie biological diversity; to promote complementary sustainable use of native prairie; and to increase awareness and understanding of native prairie and its values. Relative to these goals, the PCAP Partners developed twenty-five objectives and seventy-eight actions in the 2003-08 Action Plan. Progress is tracked annually though the production of partner updates. In 2004, the PCAP Partnership consisted of twenty-five groups representing industry, federal and provincial government agencies, several non-government organizations, and Saskatchewan's two universities. Chaired by the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, the partnership manages the PCAP though a consensual and co-operative approach.

Robert Warnock

Further Reading

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