Prairie Centre For Ecumenism

Established in 1984 from an initiative of the Roman Catholic diocese of Saskatoon, the Centre for Ecumenism is sponsored by six local churches: Anglican, Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian, United, Ukrainian Greek Catholic, and Roman Catholic. In 2000 the name was changed to the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism to more accurately reflect its growing mission: “to be an instrument for Christian reconciliation and unity in obedience to the Spirit, serving the prairie provinces; to foster understanding among all religious communities, locally and regionally.” Modern ecumenical activity is based on the belief and acknowledgement that spiritually, Christians are one, while maintaining and respecting the many differences. The motto of the Prairie Centre is “Gathering the Family of Jesus,” but it is also supportive of multi-faith endeavours which foster understanding with and among non-Christian faith communities and traditions. The Centre carries out its educational work through workshops, summer institutes, bulletin inserts, and presentations to parishes and church groups. It has a resource centre with books, audio-visual materials, articles and periodicals and, in conjunction with the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism in Montreal, sponsors a website for information on ecumenical matters in Canada and throughout the world:

Anne Keffer, Margaret Sanche