Pic Investment Group Inc.

A small chemical distribution company founded in 1976 with one supplier and four distribution lines, PIC Investment Group Inc. has grown into a $100-million business with divisions ranging from exporting alfalfa to Asia to operating resorts in northern Saskatchewan. The original corporation, Prairie Industrial Chemicals Ltd., was founded by Jim Yuel and increased its sales to $5 million within the first four years, establishing branch offices and warehouses throughout the prairies. By 1991, the company had diversified into chemical packaging, chemical manufacturing, transportation, import and export and property management with combined sales exceeding $26 million.

A major reorganization created several separate companies, each with a core business. Ownership of the new operating companies remained in the hands of Prairie Industrial Chemicals Inc.; a corporate name change took place creating PIC Investment Group Inc. to more realistically reflect the new mandate of the parent company. Since the restructuring, PIC Investment has facilitated many acquisitions, invested in several emerging businesses and financed internal growth within the original companies. ClearTech Industries, Caron Transportation Systems, Panther Industries, Hydor-Tech Limited, Round Table Management, PIC Flight Services and Adventure Destinations International (ADI), established in 2003, comprise the PIC Investment portfolio of companies. Adventure Destinations properties include Thompson's Camps and Twin Falls Lodge, formerly named Beyond La Ronge Lodge, which are located on the Churchill River system. Jim Yuel was recognized for his entrepreneurial efforts by being inducted in 2004 into the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame.

Joe Ralko