Morris Industries

Morris Industries, established in 1929, manufactures and markets advanced air-seeding, tillage and hay-hauling equipment to agricultural producers around the world. The company was founded by George Morris in Yorkton after he had invented the world’s first automatic trip, a device that “trips” over stones then lowers back into the ground to continue working.

The automatic trip allowed farmers working stony land to greatly increase the life of their tillage equipment. This breakthrough in engineering became an industry standard that is still used throughout the world.

Morris Industries now has over 260 independent dealers and distributors in Canada, the United States and Australia. The company also provides product and services to China, France, Germany, Jordan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania and the Ukraine.

Morris offices are located in Yorkton, Saskatoon, Minnedosa, Manitoba, Minot, North Dakota, Belgrade, Montana and Toowoomba, Australia.

Morris has led the industry in recognizing the importance of soil conservation and machinery efficiency. The revolutionary Morris Seed-Rite hoe drill combines the functions of a cultivator, seed drill and rod weeder in a single implement. This dramatically reduced costs for farmers and helped prevent soil erosion and moisture loss.

Wendy Morris, daughter of the founder, became president in 1992 and continues to serve as chair of the company’s board of directors.

Joe Ralko