Lyons, Clarence (1916-2004)

Clarence Lyons, born on February 22, 1916, began work in 1939 at Burns Foods in Regina, where he spent about twelve years. During that time, he became active in the union later known as the United Packing Workers of America (UPWA), Local 226. He served as president of the local for several years before becoming a full-time union staff representative. In 1951, Lyons was hired as a full-time international representative for the UPWA International Union, a position he held until his retirement in 1984. He served the labour movement as an officer of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, in the provincial CCF/NDP, in various Canadian Labour Congress committees, and as a member of the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board. He was also the first president of the Saskatoon Community Clinic Board. Lyons and his wife Mabel were married for 64 years. He died in April 2004.

Clare Powell