League of Education Administrators, Directors and Superintendents (LEADS)

In existence since 1969 as an organization for senior educational administrators in Saskatchewan, LEADS was formally recognized through legislation in June 1984, when the Saskatchewan Legislature adopted the LEADS Act. That act determined that all educators employed by boards of education working in supervisory, administrative, or similar capacities or who are regional directors of education must be members of LEADS. In 1991, LEADS was granted legislative authority, and it remains the only Canadian organization of its type to register its members prior to their employment with a provincial school division. LEADS maintains full disciplinary powers over its membership, and is governed by an elected executive chaired by a president. A government-appointed public representative sits with the executive. LEADS emphasizes the value of an active and collaborative membership working with other key stakeholder education groups in Saskatchewan.

Membership requirements include successful graduate studies, professional teaching certificate, success as a teacher, and evidence of good character. Associate membership is available to individuals who are employed in supervisory or consultative positions by Saskatchewan Learning, members of faculties of education, professional staff of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation or the Saskatchewan School Boards Association, and others approved by the executive. Offices are located in Saskatoon and staffed by the executive director and a full-time secretary.

Richard Nieman