Kenroc Building Materials Ltd. has supplied over one billion square feet of drywall since owner Ken Sexton founded the Regina company in 1967. Kenroc is the original member in a group of associated companies under common ownership, all of whom have their registered head offices in Regina. These include Kenroc Building Materials Co. Ltd., the Sexton Buying Group Ltd., Builders Choice Products Ltd., Pan-Brick Inc. and Sexton Investments Ltd. Combined sales of the Kenroc-associated companies would place it among the 100 largest in Saskatchewan.

Kenroc began in 1967 by supplying contractors with drywall - also known as gypsum board or gyprock - and quickly became the major supplier in the province. As the business became more established, Sexton added other products necessary for the completion of any construction project from insulation to ceiling titles. The first major expansion came in 1976 when Kenroc opened a second location in Saskatoon. Since then, the company has expanded into rural areas working in concert with local lumber companies and eventually opened stores in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Prince George, Vancouver and Minneapolis. The next step was to open a buying group to get the best possible prices by buying in large volumes. Sexton Building Materials was created in 1985 and now has hundreds of members stretching from British Columbia to Quebec. The company was renamed The Sexton Group. Builders Choice Products Ltd., which became part of Sexton's growing group of companies in 1986, is the only producer of light steel framing in Saskatchewan. The affiliate also sells tools across Canada.

Joe Ralko