International Road Dynamics

International Road Dynamics (IRD) was established in 1980 by University of Saskatchewan engineering professor Dr. Arthur Bergan. IRD is a Saskatoon-based high-tech company that develops and integrates highway traffic management products and information gathering systems for the transportation industry. IRD’s cutting-edge products, systems, and solutions are able to solve transportation problems worldwide and improve highway efficiency and safety for users and operators. Technologies developed by IRD include truck weigh systems, toll systems, traffic control and data collection systems, traffic safety and advisory systems, and vehicle location systems based on wireless communications and GPS technology. IRD has installed these systems (known as Intelligent Transportation Systems) throughout Canada and in a host of countries around the world. IRD maintains sales and services offices in the United States, India, Brazil, and Columbia. In 2003, IRD employed 160 people and reported sales revenues of nearly $30 million, with roughly 90% of its sales generated through exports to the United States.

Iain Stewart

Further Reading

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