Hunt, Talmage Evelyn (1921-2004)

Tal Hunt was born at Sunderland, Ontario on April 11, 1921. He obtained his MD degree from Toronto in 1944, then qualified as a specialist in Internal Medicine and subsequently in Rheumatology. In 1955 he became the first head of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Full of inspiring ideas, and a gentle innovator, he led the way in his field. He was the president of the Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and an examiner for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Hunt showed great anticipation of future medical care models when he established a course in Physical Therapy at the University of Saskatchewan; at first within the department of Rehabilitation Medicine, it later became the School of Physical Therapy. After twenty-two years as department head, Hunt turned to Geriatric Medicine, where he showed the same originality and soundness of judgement. He died in White Rock, BC, on September 9, 2004.

J. Leszczynski