Greystone Managed Investments (GMI)

The Investment Corporation of Saskatchewan (ICS) was created from the privatization of the Finance Department's debt management unit in 1988. The company changed its name to Greystone Capital Management in 1994, and is now Greystone Managed Investments (GMI). The Regina-based investment firm initially had twenty-five Saskatchewan-based clients mostly represented through employee pension funds; currently with more than 700 clients from all over North America, it has offices in Edmonton and Winnipeg. Assets exceed $19.2 billion and Greystone Managed Investments boasts a spot among the top 4% of Canadian investment companies.

Greystone Managed Investments focuses on managing large and small business pension funds. Charities, workers compensation programs, pensions for private foundations, cultural organizations, religious orders and trade unions are under the GMI umbrella.

Employees own 55% of the company shares; the remainder is owned by the Saskatchewan Teachers' Fund, Saskatchewan Government Insurance Corp., and the Capital Pension Plan.

Elizabeth Mooney