Gerrard, John Watson (1916-)

The son of a missionary physician, John Gerrard was born in Kasenga, Rhodesia, on April 14, 1916. He graduated from Oxford University in 1941, served in the British Army, then undertook pediatric training and doctoral research (DM) at his alma mater, before studying pediatric endocrinology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. In 1953, the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine recruited Gerrard as the first Head of Pediatrics. During his sixteen-year tenure as department head (1955–71) and until his retirement in 1983, he helped achieve pediatric health care excellence in Saskatchewan.

Dr. Gerrard was admired as an astute and dedicated physician who provided compassionate care to generations of Saskatchewan children. Students and colleagues benefited from his clear and precise teaching. An acclaimed researcher, he approached scientific endeavours with irrepressible enthusiasm and exemplary scholarship. For his work in developing treatment for children with phenylketonuria, he was co-recipient of the prestigious John Scott medal from the American Philosophical Society in 1962. He is also an Officer of the Order of Canada, 1999.

Alan M. Rosenberg