Farmer Labour Teacher Institute

The first Farmer Labour Teacher Institute (FLTI) was held at Watrous from June 28 to July 1, 1947. The institutes continued to be held annually over a summer long weekend at different locations around the province, although often at the Qu'Appelle Valley Centre after it was opened in 1949. The Institute was organized by the Saskatchewan Occupational Group Council (SOGC) and assisted by the Adult Education Division of the provincial government. The SOGC was created in 1947 by the United Farmers of Canada, the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation, and the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, with input from the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada. The FLTI brought members of these organizations together to discuss current social, political and economic issues, to foster an understanding of varying points of view, and to reach resolution on future action. Later the Co-operative Union of Canada, Saskatchewan Federation of Agriculture, and the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool sent delegates to the FLTI. The last FLTI was held in 1981. The SOGC executive met periodically until 1984 but was inactive until 1991, when their remaining funds were turned over to the Saskatchewan Coalition for Social Justice, which had a broader-based organization.

Bob Ivanochko