Edmunds, Frederic Harrison (1898- 1965)

Frederic Edmunds.
Saskatchewan Archives Board R-A5062

Born in Flintshire, Great Britain on January 27, 1898, Frederic Edmunds served in the Royal Engineers from 1917 to 1919, and then obtained a BscHons and MSc in a combined program of chemistry and geology at the University of Liverpool. In 1925, he immigrated to Canada and took a position at the University of Saskatchewan in the Soils Department. In 1929, he became the first professor in the newly developed Department of Geology (later Geological Sciences), of which he became Head in 1961. He married Mabel Workman; they had three sons. In his early work with the Soils Department, Edmunds participated in the soil surveys of the province from 1925 to 1930. His knowledge of the surface deposits of the province gave him an interest and expertise in the effects of glaciation on the landscape. His surveys and mapping of the Cretaceous strata and the oil deposits in them laid the groundwork for the explorations and later development of the petroleum industry. His influence on the growth of the provincial geological community through his students, fieldwork, and participation on boards such as the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Conservation Board was profound. This was recognized by awards such as Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Fellow of the Geological Society (London), and member of the governing bodies of professional geological societies. He was recognized not only as a knowledgeable and hard-working field geologist, despite permanent physical damage from a war injury, but also as a dedicated teacher and helpful associate. Edmunds died in Saskatoon on February 28, 1965.

Diane Secoy