Corps of Commissionaires

. The Saskatchewan Corps of Commissionaires was established in 1859 in Great Britain by Captain Edward Walter to help British veterans make the transition back to employment in civilian life. A similar organization was developed in Canada in 1915 by then Governor General, the Duke of Connaught, whose goal was to assist former servicemen and women who were unemployed in obtaining quality jobs and pensions. In 1925, upon federal charter approval, the first Canadian Corps of Commissionaires Companies were designated in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. In Saskatchewan, the Corps developed throughout the 1940s, dividing into north and south sectors, with head offices in Saskatoon and Regina respectively. Today they are a leading provider of security-related services to business, government, industry, and individuals, with services including alarm monitoring, security patrolling, airport screening, court guard services, and traffic control.

Lauren Black