Collège Mathieu de Gravelbourg

Le College Mathieu.
Saskatchewan Archives Board R-A19777

Le Collège Mathieu de Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, founded by Reverend Olivier Elzéar Mathieu, Archbishop of Regina, obtained its charter on December 15, 1917. The institution opened its doors in December 1918 for boys only. Collège Mathieu has taken the leadership to enunciate the aspirations put forth by the French-speaking community. Plans and efforts to create a French radio station and numerous French associations in Saskatchewan would not have been realized had it not been for the initiatives, leadership, and support of the staff and administrators of Collège Mathieu. They actively supported the introduction and the establishment of French public schools in Saskatchewan and across Western Canada. Since 1970, the College has been a co-ed institution. Sports have an important place in the life of the school, and performing arts are of great interest to the students. In Saskatchewan and elsewhere in French-speaking communities outside Quebec, Collège Mathieu's cultural program is recognized for its variety and quality. The college also offers room and board to students from outside the immediate area. Life in residence at Collège Mathieu is a central aspect of the institution's activities. This is where a sense of belonging to the college culture is created and developed. In 1986, the college set out to offer new educational services to the French-speaking community by creating the Franco-Saskatchewan adult education service (Service fransaskois d'éducation aux adultes—SEFFA) and Le Lien , a French cultural and educational resource centre. In 1998, the College went on-line with the opening of the Franco-Ouest Virtual School (transferred in 2003 to the Official Minority Language Office-Saskatchewan Learning). Collège Mathieu is also part of a national French-language education network (Réseau national d'éducation universitaire francophone—RNEUF) providing long-distance post-secondary education through tele-conferencing. In 2002, Collège Mathieu’s SEFFA established an Entrepreneurship program in partnership with other educational institutions. In 2003, Collège Mathieu partnered with the Division scolaire francophone #310 . The Francophone School Board now assumes responsibility for the Grade 8 to 12 academic program.

James McNinch, Margaret Sanche