Campion College, University of Regina

Established in Regina in 1917 by the Jesuit Fathers of Canada, Campion College started as a Catholic boys' residential school of the “classical college” model. It first offered only Grade 9; but the program extended upward each year to include a full program of university-level BA courses by 1926. Although it became a junior college of the University of Saskatchewan in 1923, only the first two years were recognized: Campion thus affiliated with St. Boniface College in Manitoba so that its students could receive degrees.

In 1964, the university portion of Campion College became federated with the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus (since 1974 the University of Regina), and a full university Arts program was offered in 1966. The new Campion building was opened on the university campus in January 1968. Campion College is a Catholic community of learning in the Jesuit tradition: it provides a liberal arts education for the whole person - intellectual, social, spiritual - within the requirements of contemporary society. As a federated college, Campion offers students access to the resources of the university as well as the unique qualities of personal attention which a small college can offer.

Joanne Kozlowski, Kenneth McGovern