Bothwell, Jessie Robson (1883-1971)

Jessie Robson Bothwell, 1951.
Saskatchewan Archives Board R-A2916-2

Jessie Bothwell was born in Regina on June 17, 1883. After receiving a certificate in library sciences from McGill University in 1931, she became legislative librarian and held this position for twenty-three years. In 1944, as the first female to head a branch of government, she became provincial librarian in charge of legislative, open shelf, and traveling libraries in Saskatchewan. In 1945, she became involved with the establishment of regional libraries. As a result of her efforts the Regional Library Act was passed, and in 1950 the first regional library on the prairies, the North Central Regional Library in Prince Albert, was established. During her civic service, she was also a member of the board of the Regina Public Library and worked as secretary of the Saskatchewan Library Council, formed to study the needs of regional libraries in Saskatchewan. She was made a life member of the Canadian Library Association. Bothwell was also appointed to the Minimum Wage Board and served on the Regina Public School Board. Bothwell Crescent in Regina is named after her and her husband, Austin Bothwell, in recognition of their contribution to the community. She died on November 10, 1971.

Dagmar Skamlová