Berting, Jacqueline (1967-)

August 28, 2001: Jacqueline Berting speaking at the unveiling of “The Story Wall” at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building; the work was commissioned by the Saskatchewan Legislature as a gift for the Nunavut Legislative Assembly.
Patrick Pettit (Regina Leader-Post)

Berting was born in St. Gregor, Saskatchewan on August 9, 1967. She attended Red Deer College in 1987, and Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario from 1987 to 1990, where she majored in glass art. She also studied iron art and blacksmithing at the Penland School of Arts in North Carolina in 1990. She has since formed Berting Glass in Cupar, Saskatchewan, where she works with her husband, James Clark. Jacqueline Berting’s most famous work to date is The Glass Wheatfield, encompassing 14,000 waist-high glass wheat stalks standing in a 36-square-metre “field.” Each piece was painstakingly hand-cut and lamp-worked. It is her personal salute to the Canadian farmer and is housed at the Regina Plains Museum. In 1996, she and her husband created The House of Perception, a clear-glass and iron house consisting of 400 sand-cast glass panels. Berting Glass supplies gifts to over 100 gift shops and galleries. Berting’s work has been commissioned by the University of Regina, the Legislative Assembly in Nunavut, and the city of Weyburn.

Daralyn Fauser