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Wascana Centre Authority

In 1962, the Saskatchewan Legislature passed the Wascana Centre Act, creating an eleven-member board from participating parties—the government of Saskatchewan, the city of Regina, and the University of Regina—as the Wascana Centre Authority. The Authority is responsible for reviewing and coordinating all the use, development, conservation, maintenance, and improvement of land, water, and buildings within the 930-ha domain of Wascana Centre in Regina. What began as a simple dam on Wascana Creek in the 1880s (creating the original Wascana Lake) has been improved and extended through the years. The provincial Legislature was built on the south shore; the reservoir has been drained and re-excavated twice, once as a Depression relief project, then again in 2004; and many trees and shrubs have been planted. In 1960, the expansion of the University of Saskatchewan to create a full Regina campus prompted a unified development plan for the lake, Legislature, campus, and nearby areas. Soon after, the Wascana Centre Authority came into being. The Wascana Centre includes walking and bicycle paths, marina, bandstand, pool and picnic areas, and art galleries. Besides the provincial Legislative Building there are several important edifices: Royal Saskatchewan Museum, CBC, Saskatchewan Science Centre, University of Regina, and SIAST.

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