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Soccer is commonly called “football” outside Canada and the United States, and was generally known as such in Saskatchewan until after World War I, when rugby evolved into what is now known as Football in Canada. Members of the North-West Mounted Police introduced soccer to the Canadian west as early as 1874. Saskatchewan's first recorded team was Regina Fairmede in September 1888, and the first recorded result a 3-0 victory for St. Catherines over Lindsay, published in the Saskatchewan Review of June 28, 1889. Grenfell, Battleford, Saltcoats and Moosomin also were active in the 19th century. Further growth led to the formation in 1906 of the Saskatchewan Soccer Association (SSA), which divided the province into eighteen districts and offered the Challenge Shield for the Saskatchewan men's championship. Soccer maintained a steady following throughout the 20th century, and has seen a dramatic rise in youth participation since the 1980s. More than 30,000 players are registered with the SSA. Outstanding players have included Norman Sheldon, who played in Prince Albert from 1906 to 29, David Greyeyes of Muskeg Lake Reserve (1937-49), and Kevin Holness of Regina, who enjoyed a rare two-goal game for Canada against Honduras in 1996.

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