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Service Fransaskois d'Education des Adultes (Fransaskois Adult Education Service)

The Service fransaskois d’éducation des adultes, first called the Centre fransaskois d’éducation permanente (Fransaskois Centre for Continuing Education), was established by Collège Mathieu on January 7, 1986. With its headquarters located at Collège Mathieu in Gravelbourg, the Service fransaskois d’éducation des adultes provided communities who requested them with services similar to the adult education programs offered by the community colleges of the day. However, the Service fransaskois d’éducation des adultes was different from the regional colleges because it operated in French and it served the entire province. Three months after its inception, the Service fransaskois d’éducation des adultes offered its first course, computer science. Later, education officers were placed in various communities around the province, particularly those with a significant francophone population. In 1990, the Service fransaskois d’éducation des adultes introduced a training program for employees and volunteers from francophone groups and organizations in the province.

Although its primary focus was community education, the Service fransaskois d’éducation des adultes soon added professional training programs leading to diplomas and certificates. It has also acted as an educational broker and has worked in partnership with various colleges and universities. In 2000, the Service fransaskois d’éducation des adultes changed its name to Service fransaskois de formation aux adultes. It is now involved in a number of literacy programs around the province, and is responsible for a distance-education program leading to a certificate in entrepreneurship and small business.

Michelle Arsenault

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