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The Schoolplus initiative in Saskatchewan is the result of public consultations undertaken by the Role of the School Task Force (1999- 2001), which consulted with the public to identify expectations for the role of the school in meeting the emerging needs of children and youth in the 21st century. The findings of the Task Force were accepted by the government of Saskatchewan in 2002 and supported by seven human-service departments. The Task Force Report acknowledged that schools have two key functions to fulfill: they must continue to nurture the development of the whole child intellectually, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically; but in the future they must also serve more coherently as centres at the community level for the delivery of appropriate and integrated education, social, health, recreation, culture, justice and other services for children and their families.

The Schoolplus initiative is based on the attainment of five goals: all Saskatchewan children and youth should have access to the supports they need for school and life success; the well-being and education of children and youth is a shared responsibility; a harmonious and shared future with Aboriginal peoples is envisioned; high-quality services and supports will be linked to schools at the community level; and there will be strengthened capacity for high-quality and integrated learning and support programs. Schoolplus development is being guided by three mutually supportive strategies: community engagement and action planning; integrating school-linked services; and strengthening educational capacity. Schoolplus is an ambitious plan to provide the opportunity for all children and youth to achieve excellence in learning and life; the opportunity for all communities to share in supporting children and youth as they learn and grow; and the opportunity for every citizen in our province to share in the promise of a prosperous future.

Don Hoium

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