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Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages (SOHL)

The SOHL was founded in 1985 to act as a provincial umbrella organization for the promotion and development of heritage language education in Saskatchewan. The organization is funded primarily through SaskLotteries. The mission of the SOHL is accomplished by identifying and securing funding available at the provincial and national levels for the support of local heritage language schools, by providing organizational advice and assistance for the establishment of heritage language schools at the local level throughout the province, by providing skill-development opportunities for heritage language teachers, and by developing and identifying resource materials which will enhance the teaching of heritage languages. The SOHL, in its advocacy capacity and throughout its history, has presented numerous briefs to the federal and provincial governments on the benefits of supporting heritage language programs for both social and economic reasons. The organization has also developed a variety of promotional materials targeting students and the general public. The SOHL, with over fifty regular members, has a wide variety of programs for language teachers, school administrators, and language students. This includes celebration of Heritage Language Recognition Day, a bursary program for teachers, a provincial conference, resource materials and a resource centre, professional skills development workshops, support of immersion camps, a newsletter, funding for Heritage Language Schools, and Mini-language Learning Lessons in the regular school system. SOHL members offer language instruction in over twenty-five different languages. Regular membership is open to any organization interested in developing, teaching, and/or promoting the use of heritage languages.

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