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Regina Auto Theft Strategy

On November 30, 2001, a task group was brought together to develop a strategy that would be effective in reducing the incidence of motor vehicle theft in Regina. The task group consisted of service providers from Saskatchewan Justice, Saskatchewan Social Services, the Regina Police Service, and the Regina Intersectoral Committee who directly worked with auto theft offending youth. Through the communication, coordination and collaboration among these service providers the Regina Auto Theft Strategy was developed in January 2002. This strategy was founded upon evidence-based practice that suggested the application of risk management and risk-reduction strategies in the rehabilitation of young offenders. Specifically, the objective of the Regina Auto Theft Strategy was to substantially reduce auto theft through three guiding principles: strict supervision of youth who are at risk to reoffend; effective combination of enforcement and rehabilitation; and early intervention and education in crime and its consequences. The following four categories of youth (aged 12-17) were identified, and differential responses were developed for each: youth at risk, first-time offenders, repeat offenders, and chronic repeat offenders. Phase two of the Regina Auto Theft Strategy was announced on May 29, 2003. Phase two is an expansion of phase one to adult offenders aged 18 to 22 who have become increasingly involved in auto thefts. The expansion includes targeting repeat offenders through the use of electronic monitoring devices, increasing the use of alternative measures for low-risk, first-time offenders, and providing education and prevention for at-risk youth.

Kimberly Skakun

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