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Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan

Founded in 1975 by representatives of six regional multicultural councils, the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan (MCoS) has become a leader in cross-cultural education. The Council is governed by an elected board of volunteer directors representing member organizations. These MCoS members include regional councils, unicultural organizations, specialized organizations, and affiliates representing thousands of volunteers committed to culture. MCoS supports its members by providing funding, administrative assistance, and training opportunities. The work of MCoS is supported by sponsors and partners, including Saskatchewan Lotteries, SaskCulture, Canadian Heritage, and the government of Saskatchewan.

The Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan provides diverse programs and services in the areas of anti-racism, cross-cultural education, complementary health initiatives, youth development, and member services. The Council publishes the magazines Multiculturalism Matters and Faces; it develops partnerships with businesses, governments, and educational and community organizations to advance common goals. The Council represents ethno-cultural communities by campaigning for cultural creativity and voicing cross-cultural concerns to government, businesses, and the general public. With a staff of four and an office in Regina, it is the secretariat for the Multicultural Council of Canada, a national organization dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding in the country.

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