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Brabant Lake

Northern settlement, located 172 km NE of La Ronge on gravel Hwy 102, amidst the Forests and lakes of the Precambrian Shield. This small community is situated just north of the lake from which it derives its name. The population is predominantly Cree. The 2001 Census recorded 102 permanent residents; more recent estimates, however, put the number closer to 70. Trapping, fishing, guiding, some construction work, and Mining provide employment, much of which is seasonal. In the late 1990s, a significant archaeological discovery was made on the southwest shore of Brabant Lake after forest fires exposed campsites and artifacts which indicated people have lived in the area for at least 2,500 years; non-indigenous clays and stone materials revealed travel and contact with other areas; evidence of ceremonial activity was also found.

David McLennan

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