Town, pop 650, located approximately 50 km NE of Estevan on Hwy 361. Lampman was named for Canadian poet Archibald Lampman and is one of a number of locales in the area named for poets. The first settlers arrived in the district in about 1890, and after 1900 there was a substantial influx of German-speaking people into the region. In 1913, Lampman became the junction of two rail lines as the track linking Regina to the Port of Northgate on the Canada-US border was completed. The community grew slowly but steadily (except for a slight downturn during the 1930s) until the 1950s, when development of the area’s oil industry began. A gas processing plant built at nearby Steelman in the late 1950s became a large area employer, and drilling rigs dotted the countryside. Lampman’s population peaked at 830 in 1971, and thereafter stabilized at its current level. Lampman has a full range of businesses and services, many of which cater to the oilfield and agricultural industries which form the basis of the regional economy.

David McLennan