Danish Settlements

Recent census data (2001) reveal that 9,375 residents of Saskatchewan claimed that they are of Danish ethnic origin, of whom 86.9% (8,155) also claimed other ethnic origins; only 13.1% (1,225) claimed only Danish origin. Most people of Danish origin, unlike people of other Scandinavian origins, concentrated in cities, particularly Saskatoon, where they pioneered the Saskatoon Scandinavian Club. Small numbers or individual families settled among other Scandinavians in several rural settlements, or in mixed areas where they were not sufficiently numerous to constitute a settlement of their own. Only a single, small specifically Danish settlement came into existence in Saskatchewan: the Redvers area in the southeastern corner, where Danish families settled around 1910 and formed the Dannevirke Danish Lutheran congregation in 1923. Today the town of Redvers is little more than 10% Scandinavian, as is the surrounding Antler RM; altogether there could be some 200 people of Scandinavian origin (mostly Danes) in this area.

Alan Anderson